Letter from lord O'Sullivan Autumn 1224

To our friends at Elks Run

I am writing at the behest of my Lord The O’Sullivan to give you warning of a deteriorating situation. A trio of grey clad knights have begun recruiting warriors of ill repute to their banners. One of the trio, going by the name of Lord Simion, even had the audacity to try and recruit from my own folk at Clonmacnoise before my household ran him off. This growing band of ne’er do wells is operating from the marshland to the west of our holdings and are raiding lands further west into Connaught. As such they are not causing problems for myself at this time. However I know you gather reagents in the marsh each Spring equinox with my blessing. I must warn you that this may be more dangerous than in previous years and would advise that you come in enough force to give bandits cause to look elsewhere.

Yours in friendship Hugh, The O’Sullivan