The Rhine Tribunal

The tribunal is mostly as described in the canon supplement, with the following notable exceptions.

  • Heorot does not exist. The characters will take the role to take the next initiative towards the North.
  • Estrid Danesson is not called Estrid, as that is a girl’s name. Feel free to come up with an adequate given name.


  • Was assigned to observe the interactions of Oculus Sepentrionalis with the mundane society in which it is enmeshed. Reports back the the Tribunal. The tribunal will review the evidence to determine if any charges will be brought against the covenant.
  • Was assigned to investigate accusations that Oculus Sepentrionalis might be selling magic items in such a way as to cause complaints of interference. Reports on the outcome, does not speak of Devils Lane.
  • Is owed compensation from the Tribunal for the five seasons spent in active service as Quaesitor (winter 2019 thru Winter 1220).
  • Will raise a motion for vote: That Quaesitor may take seasons of unrestricted access to the Great Library in lieu of the vis compensation for seasons of service as a Quaesitor, traded in a season for season basis.