Annals of Elk's Run 1238

Spring 1238

Cieran went to collect the Rego vis from Jerome’s tower, and found a letter on the plate of the statue in the basement. It asks them to come to the Stones of Carnac on midday of Midsummer Eve.

Letter found at Jerome’s tower in Spring 1238.

To those that harvest this vis source, good luck to you, first come first served as they say. If you are the ones who removed the three volumes relating to the Servants of the Common People, Please know that this place and the volumes are sacred to our community and I ask that you return the books to the room upstairs. If you are simple robbers and keep the three volumes, know you are my enemy and I will seek your destruction.

If you seek the understanding within the books and entry to our community then feel free to copy the three volumes before you return them. If you wish to discuss entry to our community meet me at mid day in the centre of the stones of Carnac on the Summer solstice. I advise you not to camp their as it is an evil place at night. You may bring such ungifted as you need for the journey but only those magi truly on the mystery path are welcome.

Tres Ex Miscellanea of the Rusticani Spring 1238

Summer 1238

Cieran’s journey

Cieran and his entourage goes to the Standing Stones of Carnac. They travel with the «Queen of Limerick» from Waterford to Vannes, and they arrive at Carnac village two days before the solstice.

The standing stones hold several portals to different distant locations, one of which is Tres’ covenant in Provence.

  • Tres is carpenter, specialising in war engines
  • Hugh of Flambeau, knight
  • Simon ex Miscellanea (rusticani)
  • Morgana ex Miscellanea (rusticani)
  • Vivienne of Tremere

The cult has two more members in Rhine

They can sell the following:

  • lab texts for Intelligence and Presence of the Heroes for 25p vis a piece.
  • script for Cautious Sorcerer for 5p (which Cieran bought and used)
  • scripts for Puissant Creo and MInor Magical Focus in Healing for 5p vis
  • script for Gentle Gift, with a Deficiency in Muto for 15p or 20p for mystagogue to initiate
  • 3*SotCP Organisation Lore by Tres ex Misc – 6 vis each
  • 3*SotCP Organisation Lore by Hugh of Flambau – 5 vis each
  • 2*SotCP Organisation Lore by Morganna ex Misc – 4 vis each
  • 2*SotCP Organisation Lore by Vivienne ex Tremere – 4 vis each
  • 2*SotCP Organisation Lore by Simon ex Misc – 4 vis each

They made clear that trade was available for any SoTCP Organisational Lore of the same or better quality.

Maine helping Sainte Cyra