Marcus' Suicide Letter

NB Not all of this letter has been made known to all members of the covenant.

Maga Una Ex Flambau

Maga Una I have discovered that our worship of the supposed magic being leading to our gaining the Mercurian virtue was in fact worship of a demon. I came to this conclusion for the following reasons

  1. I visited the temple in Spring 1224 during a lull in my reading time with Marlowe. I was asked to find a site for a new temple not claimed by “Wizard’s, Fairies or God”. That seemed to only leave the infernal.

  2. The wise owl that has visited the Covenant recently stated I had taken a “dark path” but would not giving any further detail

  3. I have studied the tome “From the depths of the grave” which details much on the infernal. This indicates the time and form of our worship was just as an infernal ceremony would take.

As you are no doubt aware the worship of the Infernal is a high crime in our order and this leads me, given my training and temperament, to consider turning myself over to the Quaesitor’s for marching and execution. However, I will not do something that implicates yourself and therefore endangers our child growing without a mother, as was my own fate. As such I have decided to take the fight to the temple with a view to destroying as many worshipers as possible before I am brought low.

I leave my stock of Creo and Mentem vis along with the fixed arcane connection to the villain Herrick, to the Covenant. I leave you the magic ring from the dragon hoard but I know not what powers it contains. I leave the fixed arcane connection to my laboratory to whoever takes it over after I have left

So far, the most perfect thing I have helped produced is our child and for that gift I am now and will be forever in your debt.

Marcus Ex Miscellanea

Autumn 1224