Letter from Mor to Una 1218

Dear Una,

I was delighted when you said that you wanted to join the Ancient Cult of Mercury. I must impress upon you, that you should think this carefully through.

The first step of the initiation is a quest. You need, yourself and in person, to aquire water from the Mercure’s Well at Porta Capena. This is not supposed to be easy, and you may have to study the ancient lores for some time before you undertake such a quest. If you return to Qui Sonant Pro Quieto, I can lend you a book.

If you, after thinking this through and completing the quest, still remain dedicated to joining the Cult, we can travel to the ancient temple in Spring 1220 or 1221. The initiation takes place on the festival of Mercuralia.

yours truly, Mòr Qui Sonant Pro Quiety on the 16th day of June AD 1218

Footnote Cult of Mercury Lore+Int

  • 6+ to know what the Festival of Mercuralia is.
  • 8+ to know anything about Mercure’s Well at Porta Capena.