Cieran's Standard Grog Quiver

Cieran will normally supply grogs in his entourage with a selection of magic arrows and cookies. The number of items provided are put in parentheses.


Stock 6 sets with ennobled presence; 6 without

All grogs are supplied with a set of cookies, two of each.

  • MuIm10 Aura of Ennobled Presence (2, only for grogs with social skills)
  • PeIm20 Veil of Invisibility (2)
  • PeVi13 Tearing the Fabric of Imaginem (2) This is used to cancel the veil of invisibility
  • ReCo15 Gift of the Frog’s Legs (2)
  • ReIm20 Willful Sidestep (2)

Arrows and Darts

Stock 6 quivers of arrows; 6 sets of darts

The same effects are available as arrows and darts. Arrows are provided for grogs skilled and equipped with a bow. Those who are do not use a bow, but are skilled with thrown weapons will get darts instead.

  • Arrow of Sleep Green: ReMe5 Touch of Slumber The person hit falls asleep. Pen +44 (2)
  • Arrow of Peaceful slumber Green/Black: ReMe15 Arrow of Peaceful Slumber. Pen +24 (2) Shot into a group of people, everybody in the group falls asleep.
  • Spasmic Arrow Green/Yellow: ReCo5 Spasms of the Uncontrolled Body Pen +44 (2) The person hit is affected by the spell-like effect.
  • Arrow of Childlike Faith Green/Blue: PeMe10 Trust of the Childlike Faith Pen +34 (2) The person hit is affected by the spell-like effect.
  • Ramming Arrow Grey: PeTe20 Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier Pen +28 (2) Shatters a barrier of metal or stone up to one foot thick, when hit. Those within one pace of the barrier, on the opposite side from you, take +10 Damage. Alchemically refined and magical metals may be able to withstand this spell.
  • Death Arrow Red: PeCo20 Wound without Cause Hitting a human target, it causes a heavy wound on top of any mundane damage. Pen +22 (2)
  • Pit Arrow Grey and Blue 15 PeTe15 Arrow of Gaping Earth Pen +32 (2)
  • Orator’s Arrow Yellow: CrIm10 Clarity of Public Speech Pen +34 (2) This arrow is intended to be shot into a room. The result is that all sound, especially voice, is clearer and louder, and can probably be heard outside.
  • Arrow of Light White: CrIg10 Lamp without Flame Pen +10 (2) When the arrow hits, the surrounding area, centred on the point of impact, is illuminated, as with the spells.
  • Fist of Demon’s Oblivion Black/Red: PeVi5 Touch/Mom/Ind Pen +44 (3)
  • Fist of Demon’s Oblivion Red/Black/Red: PeVi15 Touch/Mom/Ind Pen +24 (1)

Available on special request

Cieran carries only a few of these arrows.

  • Siege Arrow Grey and Black: PeTe20 End of the Mighty Castle Pen A single stone structure, such as a castle keep or manor house, crumbles to dust and small pebbles. Anyone inside at the time takes +10 damage from falling and having stones land on them, possibly more if the structure is particularly large.