Dean O'Dunn (Dod)


A skillful and joyful miniatore who escaped the monastic life, because he didn't want to became a scribe and amanuensis. He now survives portraying famous characters in books, drawing strange beasts at pages' edges and embellishing any kind of book or manuscript. He usually draws veiled jokes into his commissions (apparently a common practice). He seeks adventure to gain new inspiration. He joined the covenant in Autumn 1228 (at 25 years).




33 (1236)


Enthusiastic +3, Curious +1, Obedient -2


INT +1 PER -1 STR -2 STA 0 PRE -2 COM +2 DEX +4 QIK +1


1 (11)

Virtues and Flaws


Craftsman Free Social Status
Affinity with Craft: Illustration Minor General
Puissant Craft: Illustration Minor General
Puissant Music Tambourine Minor General
Free Expression Minor General
Luck Minor General
Light Touch Minor General
Educated Minor General
Great Characteristic Dex Minor General Steady hand and great coordination


Optimistic Major Personality
Enemies Major Story A bishop hates me for drawing naked/promiscuous figures in several sacred texts. He plans on unleashing the inquisition upon me. (SG feel free to modify)
No Sense of Direction Minor General Don't leave me wander alone... Nor take the lead...
Weak Characteristics Minor General
Ability Block Martial Arts Minor General
Compulsion (draw lewd images) Minor Personality Due to warping


Ability Specialty Score XP Comment
Charm 2
Folk Ken 2
Awareness 2
Language: Gaelic 5
Craft: Illustration 5 80 actually 50*1.5 for Affinity
Profession: Scribe 3 30
Church Lore 2 15
Bargain Illustrations 4 50
Carouse 3 30
Brawl 2 15
Concentration 3 30
Etiquette: Church 2 15
Lore Munster Area Churches 2 15
Guile 4 50
Music: Tambourine 3 35
Latin 4 18+35(Educated)
Artes Liberales 2 15(Educated)
Fairy Lore 1 6



  • The one received from the Jerbiton Vox Mentis.
  • Freshly painted, it represents Vox's covenant but with a white patch on the tower on which the demon appeared in the past
  • A small book of fables, copied and illustrated by Dean
  • A rolled up parchment that once was a page of a big book. The page reads the ascension to sanctity of an old Dominican Friar, NAME HERE (SG HELP). In the top-left corner there's a big divinely decorated I, in the opposite corner, at the right of the praising words, a well refined representation of the friar. The figure is depicted, slightly bended, in the intent of shoving up his ass an holy staff, a satisfied face the friar's one. The reliquary'd be well preserved if it weren't for the dried mud splashes on its lower half. This piece certainly tells a more interesting story than the one written on it.


  • Enchanted Paintbrush of Vivid Colors

    This beautifully crafted paintbrush enhances the colors' pigments in which it's dipped, giving a +3 when used for painting any kind of art piece. Thus modified colors result brighter, more vivid, and somewhat alive. It seems the effect resists the passage of time, at least no mundane has seen it fade nor diminish. In the right hands it could be the tool that allows to create unparalleled masterpieces.

    Clearly crafted by non-human artisans, its handle resembles an oblong fish, maybe an eel, who writhes and squirms in a vain attempt of escaping from a dragon bite, the ferrule and crimp. The bristles as a mane to the ferocious beast.

    (MuAnHe 20)


  • Painter tools
  • A white canvas
  • Ink and quill
  • Few paper sheets

In-Session Status








Winter 1231

First adventure! The Loch Leglean: 13xp ( 5 Craft: Illustration, 5 Music: Tambourine, 3 Latin ) and 4 conf pts.

Dean officially doesn't like fairies. Dean gets an art boosting device from the little treasure chest: Enchanted Paintbrush of Vivid Colors.

Remember Crimthann gave a faerie great sword to Richard. Silvery blade, light weight, rusty hilt.

1231 End

During this year a fresco of Maine fighting ice wolfs is made TODO define details +2 warp points, Warping score 0 (2)

1232 End

+2 warp points, Warping score 0 (4)

1233 End

+2 warp points, Warping score 1 (5) At the age of 30, he gets a Minor Flaw: Compulsion (draw lewd images) Minor, Personality

1234 End

+2 warp points, Warping score 1 (7)

1235 End

+2 warp points, Warping score 1 (9)

Winter 1236

Adventure in the mines near the covenant. It seems we have a fairy problem there... Dean noted a lot of details, it seems the beginning of an interesting quest. Source quality 6 1 Confidence point

Spring 1236 Summer 1236 Autumn 1236 +2 warp points, Warping score 1 (11)


  • Dean proposed to paint a scene of Maine bursting fire on the wolfs TODO add details