Marcus' Abilities

Name Score Type Details
Study Bonus Free Hermetic +2 Quality when studying books or Vis in the presence of that form
Shapeshifter Free Supernatural
Major Magical Focus: Human Perfection +3 Hermetic Double lowest art in lab and casting totals
Book Learner +1 Hermetic +3 Quality when studying Books
Independent study +1 General +3 Adventure xp and +2 practice xp
Puissant Parma Magica +1 Hermetic +2 Parma Magic
Puissant Creo +1 Hermetic +3 Creo
Puissant Magic Theory +1 Hermetic +2 Magic Theory
Personal Vis Source +1 Hermetic 3 Creo per year
Skilled Parens +1 Hermetic +60xp and +30 spell levels at character creation
Study Requirement Free Hermetic
Plagued by Supernatural Entity (Demon) -3 Story
Driven:Serve the Order -3 Personality
Blatant Gift -3 Hermetic
Feral Upbringing -1 General