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a series of animal growls


Pythia of Durenmar



The unnamed child that became Marcus was abandoned by his family in the woods of central Germany as the Gift induced such revulsion in his birth parents. The child would have died that very winter night had not a great magical bear come across the tiny squealing food source. Something checked the wolf as it bent its snout to gobble the man child up, maybe the gift, maybe some strange maternal instinct. The great beast decided to make the child one of it's own and rather than eating the child it nipped its flesh so that some of it's Bear essence entered the child's blood. The wolf took the child back to it's pack and suckled it until it could fend for itself. the child grew strong and learned the skills of the pack. It revelled in the shape of the wolf, the eagle and of the man, as each had advantages at times.

The child was happy in the woods but in his 10th year a woman came to his area of the woods seeking him. She seems to be able to track him and as much as he hid and tried to flee she always seemed to regain his trail. She finally cornered him a cave deep within the woods. She was about to pounce and battle her when his mother, the great she bear, appeared in the cave mouth behind the strange human woman. The child relaxed as he knew no creature could best his mother but to his surprise she bowed down to the human and spoke to the mind of the child, as she did when she needed to explain new things, telling him to follow the human and learn her ways as the time had come to join the human world.

The child followed the human to a place of stone and learned her ways, when he learned to speak the Latin sounds he came to know the human place as Durenmar and his mater as Pythia of the house of ex miscellanea and he as Marcus. He had his natural gift for making humans more human, which he knew was a memory of how the great she bear was the most bear like of all bears. He spent 15 turns of the sky learning the ways of the mage and when he finished the last test, a great journey across many strange lands, his mistress released him and told him to follow the valley trail to his new home, Elks Run, where he could serve the order as she had trained him. He bid her farewell and turned to the valley trail to seeks his future in the Tribunal of Hibernia.

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