Born 1181

Apprenticed 1205-1220

He is born with the name Robert Borden.

He born into a Mercere family in an English city (probably Cambridge, possibly Oxford), where he attended to a university, and he was quite talented, but unpopular. He did not like academy because he wished for more friends, but reading books was a kind of exploration, which he liked. His father was a traveling Gifted Mercere by name of Vitor, who had some questionable corpus and vim experiences in life, he was dead or twilighted at this point.

Robert later worked as a teacher in Cambridge, which he did not like, he tried to improve his pupils, but they were always unruly and frustrating. His Gift came to the attention of the magi at Schola Pythagoranis, and learning of his Mercere heritage, they put him in contact with their House.

He ended up with a very mature Mercere maga in the Rhine. He was very old for an Apprentice, but had more academic knowledge than most hermetics, so he was well worth training. The mater did train him in some of the ancient Mercurian ways, but she was no member of any of the Mercurian Cults, and did not introduce the filius to such networks.

He really likes magic, travelling and business and have little intention of teaching again. He feels himself as still young and adventurous, but a bit slow in everything. Maybe his body ages slowly because it is slowed down some way. He just say he is patient.

He learned magics which he found the most wonderful. Traveling in instant speeds, skipping boring endless woodlands and ship routes. Healing people like a miraculous saint would.

He stopped aging at the age of 30, but he has no longevity ritual. He likes helping people, even when it is just his impression they need help. He also like having a good deal and some profit during the process.

He is curious about his past, and his father but he has no extensive daddy issues, it is just curiosity and a bit of sense in duty towards family.

I wonder if he could have two or three families, here and there, and maybe properly married a maga, maybe the one discovered him.