Not very tall but really robust guy. Thanks to his toughness, he resisted several times the collateral effects of his spells. Good hearted and generous, he can be extremely delicate with his beloved insects. He prefers to hone his skill through practice than study, that's why he always wants to test his spell casting skills. Unfortunately he likes casting magics a bit too much. He embraces the Tytalus paradigm of an ever changing world: "We need to keep changing, as beetles and butterflies do, because 'Omnia commutat natura et vertere cogit.' ('the nature transforms everything and makes everything change')" Probably his world's vision would be called heretic (Need more history accuracy but to follow the followers of one who said that even the soul is made of atoms seems heretic enough to me)




30 (1236)

Birth Name

Onorio Raffacani




Atheist or Non-Believer


Generous +2, Low Profile -2


INT +3 PER +1 STR 0 STA +4 PRE -2 COM -3 DEX +2 QIK 0


He comes from Monselice (60km south-west Venice, 30km south Padua). His parent Lucianus trained Tullius at the covenant called Apraevi (from apri saevi ferocious/violent/wild/ boars) and situated not too far from Monselice but at a sufficient distance from common humans. The strategic position near Venice guarantees the availability of any mundane material the covenant magi would need, but the magi also need to keep an eye on the near cities and politics because they would be easily outnumbered in a conflict.

Tullius is fed up of with politics and mundane influence because he just wants to concentrare on his studies and grow up his insects. He's planning to leave soon with Claudio, an insect caretaker specialized with bees, and maybe few other grogs. Tullius surely needs at least a donkey and a cart to carry all the terrariums, alveria (arnie, artificial bee hives), and some precious books (Mostly MuTe or ReTe?).

Virtues and Flaws


The Gift Free Special
Hermetic Magus Free Social Status
Self Confident Free General
Book Learner Minor General +3 to Book Quality when studying
Great Characteristic Minor General Great constitution and stamina
Inoffensive to Animal Minor Gen/Herm To handle insects
Affinity Terram Minor Hermetic
Puissant Terram Minor Hermetic
Puissant Muto Minor Hermetic
Minor Magical Focus: Insects Minor Hermetic
Life-Linked Spontaneous Magic Major Hermetic


Generous Major Personality
Indiscreet Major Story
Magic Addiction Major Hermetic
Poor Formulaic Magic Minor Hermetic


Ability Specialty Score XP Comment
North-Italian[Veneto-Istriot] 5
Area Lore 3 Wich area?
Awareness 2
Concentration Spells 3 30
Animal Handling Insects 2 15
Latin 4 60
Magic Theory 3 30
Finesse 2 15
Artes Liberales 1 5
Parma Magica 1 5
Penetration 5 75
Gaelic 2 19
Infernal Lore 2 17

Magic Arts

Technique Score XP Comment
Intellego 7 31
Muto 11 66 +3 for Puissant
Rego 11 66
Form Score XP Comment
Animal 10 57
Terram 10 55.5 +3 for Puissant
Actually 37*1.5 for Affinity
Vim 7 32


Name Form & Tech Lvl Range Duration Target Requisites Comment
Growth of the Creeping Things MuAn 15 Touch Sun Ind
Disguise of the Putrid Aroma ReAn 5 Voice Conc Ind
Viper's Gaze ReAn 15 Eye Conc Ind
The Crystal Dart MuTe 10 Voice Mom Ind Rego
Object of Increased Size MuTe 15 Touch Sun Ind
Edge of the Razor MuTe 20 Touch Sun Ind
The Unseen Porter ReTe 10 Voice Conc Ind Finesse if delicacy
The Earth Split Asunder ReTe 30 Voice Spec Part 3 turns Concentration
Wizard's Communion MuVi 10 Voice Mom Group
Shroud Magic MuVi 10 Touch Mom Ind


  • 2 darts of Demon's Eternal Oblivion (lvl5 pen46) each
  • 1 Invisibility cookie

In-Session Status







Per Session Advancement

Spring 1231

First Session! Join the pilgrims Meet the pilgrims an The meeting with Ephraim Spring 1231 was a 5xp story, expended on Latin.

Summer 1231

Going south to Rome we are attacked by brigands The group splits, Tullius'll arrive to the covenant for summer end 5xp story, expended on Latin.

Winter 1235

Sir Richard becomes Lord and sets a feast 2 confidence point


  • Sheet updated to Spring 1236 (inclusive)