Covenant Mechanics


  • 2x Aura (Site, minor). The covenant has a magical aura of 5.
  • Important Building (Fortification, minor)
  • Secondary Lesser income (Resources, minor reduced) A copper mine worth £40/year, run by some native Irish clansmen and some immigrant English miners. The mine is close to the border of the covenant lands and the crew keep manage themselves.


  • Contested Resource (Resources, minor). The covenant has a vis source outside its own land, so that it is not protected by Hermetic law.
  • Superiors (Inhabitants, minor). The resources are controlled by the three senior magi. The junior magi (PCs) have well-regulated rights, which are linked to obligations.
  • Vis Salary (Resources, minor). (Part of Superiors above)
  • ? Suffrage (Inhabitants, minor) The covenant grants equal rights to men and women. This is, theoretically, sinful and likely to incite contempt of the covenant’s officials by outsiders.
  • ? Public Vis Source (Relations, minor): One or more of the covenant’s vis sources has had its location and method of harvesting precisely written into a ruling of the Peripheral Code. The covenant unquestionably owns the source, but any enemy wishing to make mischief knows exactly where the covenant’s vis comes from.
  • Outbuildings (Fortification, minor)