The Folio of 1109

Point Cost 40. The copyist accumulates 6+Prof: Scribe points per season if he copies carefully.

Lesser Enchanted Devices

Topic Stats Title Details
Lesser Item CrCo26 The Blanket of Healing Sleep [touch/sun/ind]
Lesser Item PeVi40 The Vim Bin
Lesser Item CrIg30 Safe Cauldron
Magic Theory Q13 Lesser is Greater

The Vim Bin (lab item) +3 Safety, +1 Warping PeVi40 (PeVi30 + unlimited uses). Dispel any magical effect on any item or substance which enters the bin up to level 22½ + stress die.

The Blanket of Healing Sleep +15 recover, provided the patient is in bed, covered by the blanket at sunset and sunrise. Side effect: psychedelic, but pleasant dreams. Base 10 +1 touch +2 sun +1 lvl for 2 uses.

Safe Cauldron +1 GQ, +1 Experimentation CrIg30. The cauldron gently heats the contents, and the temperature can easily be adjusted by concentrating. Side effect: the cauldron gives off a smell of saffron, with intensity increasing with the heat.