Magic Items at Elk's Run

Charged Items and Potions

  • 2x Norse fatigue potion (bought for 5p) works on Dazed - non-warping
  • 3x Norse fatigue potion (bought for 5p) works on Tired - non-warping
  • 2x Norse healing potion for medium wounds (bought for 5p) - non-warping
  • 3x Norse healing potion for incapacitating wounds (bought for 6p/dose) - warping

Cost saving items

  1. Items replacing one servant each
    1. A magical broom replacing one servant.
    2. One unspecified item replacing one servant
    3. Abluere Magica (enchanted W’21)
    4. The Magical Broom from Jerome’s Tower (acquired Spring’18)
  2. Items saving a total of £10/year
    1. A magical saw helping the carpenter
    2. Unspecified item(s)

Items for income sources

These are used in the copper mine

  1. ReTe15 Stone-Cutting Knife [Cov:52]
  2. ReTe15 The Enchanted Porter [Cov:52]

Arcane Connections

  1. Jerome’s Tower
  2. Marcus’s Lab.
  3. Aquam Vis Source.

Other Items

  1. Bookstand of Hespera. Enchanted Autumn 1218. To be lent by any magus who needs it. Lab specialisation +2 texts
  2. Items pre-opened for enchantment, bought at the Midsummer Fair in the Greater Alps:
    • Wooden staff opened for enchantment with 8p vis. Bought for 9p vis.
    • Silver-shod wand opened for enchantment with 10p vis. Bought for 11p vis.
    Nobody knows where these items have been placed. Probably they lie somewhere in the treasury. One was bought by Seafraid. The other by the covenant.
  3. Seafraid’s flying throne.
    • Stone Chair of Effortless Haste (level 3 base effect, +1 affect stone, +1 up it to a desirable speed, +1 concentration; +5 lv maintain concentration; +2 lv 3 uses per day. Total 17)
  4. A magical silver ring (identified by Nemoy 1242)
    • it has an inlaid string of a base metal on the inside. If you wanted to give the impression of a heavier ring with more silver value, you would personally have made it thicker.
    • ReHe 30. The ring has a ward against attacks with wooden weapons/implements. No penetration. Ring maintains concentration, but the wearer must focus to maintain it through sunset/-rise. If it lapses, it will only resume the next day (one use per day).
    • InMe 58. This is a non-Hermetic, or at least not mainstream Hermetics, effect. Some kind of mental communion with wearers of similar rings from the same arcanely connected set. Both effects are triggered when you put the ring on your finger, but the Distant Communion has no penetration and will only work if you drop your Parma Magica (or test on a grog with no MR).
  5. A magical long sword
    • CrIg13
    • blade of virulent flame 4x/day (canon spell, but personal range)
    • the blade lights up when it is drawn from the scabbard
  6. Medallion of Munster Ivory - This is a small 2 cm x 1 cm, gleamingly polished, and intricately carved cattle bone medallion with a tiny reservoir of mercury in the very center making it slightly heavier than expected. It will easily fit in a belt pouch. Temporarily transform any non-living animal item into a perfect copy of a specific known example item the caster has handled before, for moon duration. Not only can it make decoys but it can disguise the Cathach, make armor, clothing, boots, tents, slings, shields, hide boats, meat, implements, turn leather clothing into a trap for the wearer, etc. These items will have a running magical effect on them, which may seem like they are magical items in the short term. Activation is by means of speaking any “secret” word (speaking is required but the word doesn’t actually matter) while also wiggling toes and or fingers on any or all limbs. MuAn 38 - Base 3 (change something made of animal products into a different animal product), Voice +2, Moon +3, Group +1, Versatile Effect +1, +6 (50 uses per day), for Level 36 Penetration +4 for 2 levels Effect Expiry 70 Years
  7. The Mirror of Horrors. Made by Cieran to protect the Cathach