NPCs for the Tribunal 1221

This is the brief for the tribunal 1221. The purpose is to remind everyone of the key issues that most characters should have an opinion about. Only brief notes are given, and everyone should feel free to elaborate the stance they take with their characters.

  • Henri de Tours of Oculus S, Apfelgilde played by futuraprime. Nine votes (three masters, three journeymen)
  • John Doe of Crinthera of Weisstorngilde, played visibleman. Thirteen votes (one archmage + five masters).
  • Helena of Flambeau, Eschengilde, played by Red Claws. Five votes.
  • Caecilius Quaesitoris of Bonisagus from Durenmar, Eichengilde, played by Van Silke. Presiding quaesitoris, does not vote. He still holds two proxy votes as archmage which he can cast.
  • Secondary characters, played by George
    • Orphedra of Merinita from Dankmar, Holundergilde. Seven votes. (three masters, one journeyman)
    • Hachim al’Khalejj of Waddenzee, follower of Criamon, Lindengilde. Four votes.
    • Philippus Niger of Flambeau, from Durenmar, Eschengilde. Eighteen votes (two archmages, …)
  • Possible characters, played by George

Key Topics

The following topics are likely to be discussed at the tribunal, and many characters will have a prior stance on the matter.

  • Waddenzee
    • Oculus S hope to see Waddenzee prosecuted for their piracy
    • Event Waddenzee has captured a ship from Oculus
  • Oculus S.
    • Event the faerie items in Lübeck
    • Many dislike Oculus’ close dealings with mundanes for all sorts of reasons..
    • Many suspect that they are manipulating the city and its guilds to gain mundane power.
    • Serapis has investigated on behest from Caecilius
    • Crinthera suspects Oculus was behind Danish invasion on Rügen
      • charges 1179 - nothing proved
  • Order of Odin
    • Orphedra:
      • Information would be useful
    • we do not want a conflict with Norse faeries
    • Stentorius:
      • information is power
    • we want a lot of it
    • Hachim:
      • Information would be useful
    • Oculus expanding could not possibly be a good thing
    • Look for compromises
      • Let them support a new covenant to take the mission
  • Faerie items in Lübeck
    • the faerie item circulated for a long time even though they caused little harm in the end. However, some magi who have heard about them, even just a rumour, may take it as evidence of Oculus misdemeanour.
  • The Werewolf incident and rumours of wizards in Lübeck
    • this was a brief incident, and few people know any incidents, but some have noticed the commotion and are disconcerted that some townfolk speak of wizards when the resident magi are Gently Gifted and keep a low profile.
  • Helena of Flambeau (Red)
    • did she attack Andreas?
    • does she know something incriminating?
  • The Wolverine Magus (visibleman)
    • what really happened to him?


  • Waddensee
  • Oculus S
  • Durenmar
  • Dankmar
  • Crinthera
  • Irencillia
  • Roznov
  • Fengheld
  • Triamore


The Eichengilde (Oak Gild)

  • largest, broadest, and oldest faction
  • stated agenda:
    • restore the Rhine Tribunal (and thereby the Order of Hermes) to its former glory,
    • to respect the traditions and wisdom of the Founders,
    • to encourage magi to respect their elders
    • work to leave a lasting legacy
    • to shun the so-called wisdom from outside the Order of Hermes.
  • broad agenda => somewhat ineffective
  • In practice: ensure status quo of the Tribunal
  • lead by Murion, Prima of Bonisagus,
  • mostly older and more reserved magi
  • attracts followers of Bonisagus, Guernicus, and Tremere.

The Weissdorngilde (Hawthorn Gild)

  • one of the oldest gilds, along with the Ash Gild and the Oak Gild.
  • agenda:
    • protect the wild places and creatures from the mundanes
    • avoid all unnecessary contact with mundanes
    • punish those who intrude into the wildernesses
    • promote understanding between magi and beasts
  • smallest gild, with a waning influence that is often opposed by the Elder Gild, which has a similar interest but with a different focus, thus diluting their combined power.
  • Urgen of Crintera is the leader
  • populated primarily by followers of Bjornaer, especially those with a Wilderist philosophy.

The Eschengilde (Ash Gild)

  • lead by Philippus Niger of Durenmar
  • magi should seek dominion over their lands
  • the Order of Hermes should be more forthright in its dealings with mundanes
  • magi should not need to hide in the wildernesses
  • the Order of Odin should be combated and destroyed
    • not publicly admitted to, but is the prime focus of most of the gild’s older members.
  • attracts aggressive magi, especially from Houses Flambeau, Tremere, and Tytalus, and
  • magically powerful, not large enough to force their agenda

The Holundergilde (Elder Gild)

  • split from Hawthorn Gild,
    • soon after the early division in House Merinita
  • pursued its fae-focused agenda
  • preservation of the fae and promoting friendly contact between magi and faeries.
  • primarily Merinita
  • virtually all the members of the covenants of Irencillia and Dankmar are members.
  • A few followers of Bjornaer with extremely strong Harmonist views are members of this gild, to the derision of their Housemates.
  • Iacob of Irencillia is the leader
  • secretly promoting a religion conceived to return power back to the fae, under the guidance of members of the Order

The Lindengilde (Linden Gild)

  • Arising from the aftermath of the Schism War
  • founded mostly by former magi of Fengheld,
  • purpose:
    • to increase co-operation and trust between magi and covenants to the benefit of all
    • to resolve both internal and external conflicts peacefully
    • and to end the apathy and divisions in the Tribunal.
  • altruistic and well-regarded gild, although weak
    • typical go-between faction
  • often overlooked
  • without their quiet diplomacy, the Tribunal would likely have fractured long ago
  • lead by Occultes of Durenmar
  • consists of a mixed assortment of followers of Mercere, Jerbiton, Verditius, Tremere, and Bonisagus (particularly Trianoma).

The Apfelgilde (Apple Gild)

  • peaceful and friendly relations with mundanes
  • mages should work towards acceptance in the mundane world
    • so that they no longer need to hide
  • magi should work to improve the lot of mundanes through teaching and trade as well as magic
  • magi should be humble before the Lord
  • most recent faction and the weakest,
    • substantial support from the covenants of Oculus Septentrionalis, Triamore, and Fengheld
    • beginning to make its presence known in the Tribunal.
  • Ilead by a triumvirate of Henri de Tours of Oculus Septentrionalis, Wilhelm Weiss of Fengheld, and Daria la Gris of Triamore.