Covenant Dowry

This is based on a house rule posted by Troy at Atlas Forums. It has been amended and interpreted to suit my own style of ArM storytelling.

Covenant Dowry

It is quite reasonable, for a young magus joining a covenant, to bring some kind of contribution to the covenant resources. This is similar to the system of dowry in marriage. When young magi found a new Spring covenant from scratch, this kind of contribution is essential. They need to get the resources from somewhere.

In practice, the resources can come from anywhere. They can be a gradudation gift from the parens, the house, or the Alma Mater. They may have been earned in an adventure, possible just after gauntlet or during the gauntlet itself. The player should be free to narrate this as they see fit, as part of the character’s backstory.

For the sake of game balance, the Dowry represents the player’s individual influence on the covenant design. It is intended that the player design the Dowry to be useful for their own magus. Yet, the Dowry is not intended as personal possessions. In character, every magus is expected to bring a Gift of roughly this level of value, and it should be used for the common good. There is some scope for negotiation and bartering here, if the troupe enjoys this kind of roleplay.

The system

New Magi receive a number points to buy starting resources (see above). These points are spent using a pyramid scale (level 1 is 1pt, 2 is 3pt, 3 is 6p). By default each magus has nine points to spend, but this may be adjusted to suit the saga power level.

Category 0 1 2 3 Remark
Grogs None 2x Shield Grog 4x Shield Grogs (one trained group) 8x Shield Grogs (two trained groups) See below
Specialists None 2x Specialist or 1x teacher (ability 5) 2x specialists + 1x teacher (ability 6) 3x Specialists + 2x teacher (ability 6) BP 10/24/42
Wealth £5 Silver £40 Silver, Lock Box, 1x Excellent +1 Item, Cart w/Horse £100 Silver, Lock Box, 3x Excellent +1 Item, Wagon w/ Horses, Riding Horse £200 Silver, Lock Box, 6x Excellent +1 Item, Wagon w/ Horses, 2x Riding Horse
Vis 1x Pawn Vis 10x Pawn Vis + 30 levels charged items (Max 10 level) 30x Pawn Vis + 50 levels charged items (Max 20 level) 50x Pawn Vis + 75 levels charged items (Max 30 level) BP 2+/6+/10+
Items None 25 levels 50 levels (max 30 per effect) 80 levels (max 40 per effect) BP 10/20/32
Books No books Tractatus Q11 1x Summa (28 total) 2x Summa (27, and 30 total) BP 11/28/57
Lab Texts 1 Lab Text (up to level 20) 60 levels of Lab Text (Tablets take Double) 160 levels of Lab Text (Tablets take Double) 300 levels of Lab Text (Tablets take Double) BP (4) 12/32/60

Personnel Grogs and specialists have normal/average loyalty. Teacher Com is assumed to be 0.