The Location of Elk's Run

Nestled in a large, isolated valley in the Slieve Aught mountains to the west of Lough Derg in Munster, Elk’s Run stands close to the border of forbidden Connacht to the north.

Elks Run sits in a majestic remote valley, running east to west in the Slieve Aught mountains near the Connacht border. Its powerful magical aura covers the entire length of the valley, making it the largest covenant auras in Hibernia. The steep valley sides are bordered by thick pine forests both north and south, their eerie black depths tinged with purples and blues; covenfolk working the forests claim to seen the northern lights beneath the forest canopy. The valley base is lush meadows, with multicoloured flowers always in bloom, no matter the time of year; after the last raid in 1214 when Drake unleashed his boundary encircling firewall, the valley is warm enough in winter that snow never settles anymore.


Towards Limerick

The easiest access to Elk’s Run is from the village of An Scairbh almost at the shore of the great lake of Lough Derg. There is no road for carts, but with pack animals one can usually make the trip in a day. Travelling light, the return trip may be possible on a good day.

From An Scairbh one can go by boat, along the shore of Lough Derg and down River Shannon to Limerick. This travel can be done in a day with a dedicated boat. More commonly, one would get passage with a peddlar, and it can take from two days to a week depending on how much he stops on the way. Travelling on foot is 1½-2 days.

An Scairbh

An Scairbh was subject to the Mist of Change in the Autumn 1223. The effect expired after a year. In Winter 1226, Liam had come to form a new Cult.

Aura Infernal 1 from 1225.


Killaloe is a village on River Shannon, a little bit South of Lough Derg. It is the easiest place to cross the river, and travelling North, one would also tend to pass through Killaloe to find the better road East of the river.



Limerick is a port, where most trades can be arranged. It is a troubled community though.

Limerick is unofficially divided into “English Town,” the walled castle and buildings on King’s Island, and “Irish Town,” the walled structures on the banks of the Shannon that house the Ostmen and Irish. Because of its history as a royal Thomond residence, Limerick is one of the few cities with Irish inhabitants. Nighttime murders are frequent, and foreigners easily disappear into the harbor’s depths. The de Braose lord spends so much time keeping the peace within Limerick that he is forced to let the surrounding countryside revert to its Irish ways.

King John’s Castle

The castle was built in 1200 on King’s Island, a small island off the Shannon estuary and part of Limerick.