Cieran the Fletcher, magus ex Miscellanea

  • Character Sheet

  • Lab of Cieran

  • Cookie Stock

  • Advancement Log

  • Historical Notes

  • Standard Grog Quiver

  • Familiar: Jimeny Grasshopper

  • Servants of the People

  • Born 1192

  • Aging modifier -24 (Age +6)

    • -30 (Longevity ritual -22, Lab -1 (Health +2), Covenant Living Conditions -2, Strong Faerie Blood -3, Familiar Bronze Cord -2)
  • Age 57; apparent age 51; up to date Winter 1249

  • Personality Traits Meddler +6, Carefree +3, Meticulous +3, Villager +1

  • Warping 0 (1)

  • Reputation

    • Friends of Clon MacNoise 3 [local to lands of O’Sullivan]
    • Crafter of Magic 2 (+5xp) [Hermetic] 20xp from Lab Aestethics`
    • Monster Hunter 1 [local to the village in Provence]
  • Confidence Score 1 - Confidence points 28

  • Casting Sigil: A gentle gust of air

  • Voting Sigil

Virtues and Flaws

  • 0 Craft Magic
  • 0 Spell Foci
  • +1 Minor Magical Focus (magical arrows)
  • +3 Strong Faerie Blood (Ettin Blood +1 Sta)
  • +3 Flawless Magic
  • +1 Book Learner
  • +1 Affinity with Imaginem
  • +1 Skilled Parens
  • -0 Weak Spontaneous Magic
  • -3 Meddler (Personality) -
  • -1 Carefree (Personality)
  • -3 Mistaken Identity (Story)
  • -3 Short-Range Magic
  • (mystery) Puissant SOCP Lore
  • (mystery) Good Teacher
  • (mystery) Cautious Sorcerer


Original Int +3, Per -1, Pre 0, Com -1, Str +2, Sta +3, Dex +2, Qik -3

Current (1247) Int +3, Per +1, Pre 0, Com +5, Str +2, Sta +3, Dex +2, Qik -3

1243 Int +3, Per +1, Pre 0, Com +1, Str +2, Sta +3, Dex +2, Qik -3


Cieran was born close to the current site of Elk’s Run, in the border region between Münster and Connacht, to an unfree peasant family of the clan Uí Sheachnasaigh. About the age of ten, he was found by an itinerant magus ex Miscellanea visiting Elk’s Run, and he was taking to Cad Gadu in Stonehenge to train as a magus.

During his apprenticeship, Cieran’s love for craftsmanship was evident, and the master encouraged him to develop it. Together they explored the potential of magical arrows, and Cieran trained as an archer as well, to support his craft.

After apprenticeship he wanted to go back to his clan, and with so many of them serving as covenfolk and herders at Elk’s Run, he applied to join them.

Contrary to the other magi, Cieran has built his workshop in an ordinary house in the village, admittedly a little larger than a peasant’s cottage, but he does not feel at home in the stone buildings of the English.


Cieran is generally cheerful and helpful. Helpful to the point of a nuisance. He moves slowly and carefully.

Cieran dresses like a craftsman, with a sturdy leather apron and tool belt, carrying multiple knives and pouches holding raw materials and casting tools. When he leaves the covenant, he dresses more like a forester, with an English longbow on his back. He still wears the tool belt, along with a bandolier with throwing darts and two quivers of arrows. The arrows and darts have flashy feathers in different colours. Cieran is very protecting of this equipment. «Careful. Don’t touch. It is dangerous.» Some archer grogs may know a bit more, as Cieran would happily give away an arrow or dart to satisfy particular needs, but then always under very strict instructions, because the arrows are really dangerous.

Design Comments

Cieran is a rustic magus. He has a Craft: Cooking skill to allow him to brew potions, but the main concept is around Fletching and Archery.

He has the Short-Range Flaw. I have assumed that using craft magic items, it suffices that the item touches the target, not the caster. The concept revolves around embedding touch range spells in arrows and shoot them at the target. All the spells he knows should be reviewed to validate that this is indeed possible.

The minor magical focus, in magical arrows and darts, is supposed to help for every spell delivered this way. Arguably, this is a very flexible application, but it should be noted that it does not help him learn spells, because the spell itself is not restricted to the focus. The only use is to boost penetration.


Default Travelling Equipment

  • Casting tools: Mirror, Copper ring, Cow horn, Leather glove, small pouch of down, small crystal, piece of amber, comb, fan, earring, small brass bell, rabbit bone, cypress wand (8”), sea shell, glass vial, dog’s tooth,
  • Weapons: Longbow and arrows, Dagger, Quarterstaff
  • Fletching tools and materials
  • Writing Materials
  • Lantern
  • Enchanted Items
    • Stone-Cutting Knife (from Spring 1234, made by Hiccup)
    • Porter’s Glove (from Spring 1234, made by Hiccup)
    • Weightless Chain (from Autumn 1235, made by Hiccup) Protection 9, Load 2
  • Cookies and Arrows


  • From the snake in Provence
    • Fangs
    • Venom Sacks
  • Pebble from Tres’ Covenant

Lab Equipment

Safe Cauldron (+1 GQ, +1 Experimentation) CrIg30. The cauldron gently heats the contents, and the temperature can easily be adjusted by concentrating. Side effect: the cauldron gives off a smell of saffron, with intensity increasing with the heat.

Chamber Pot PeCo(Aq)20 (text) (from Spring 1235, made by Hiccup)

Fan of Summer Breezes

Arcane Connections

  • Own lab
  • Tress’ Covenant
  • Standing Stones in Bretagne
  • Qui Sonant (polite distance)
  • Killaloe (secluded location in the woods 250-500 paces downstream)
  • Tribunal Location (polite distance)


  • Correspondent Imaginem: Rudolph at Irencilia


Amount Art Comment
2p Rego from Jerome’s body
Intellego Wyrm meat
Muto Wyrm meat
Creo allowance 1223+old claim 1226+41-42
3p Ignem allowance 1241-42
4p Mentem paid from Sean 1249 for item
29 Total
  • Note from 1239 he pays 1p/year for faerie ingredients

Vis earned and spent

Year Gained Spent Outstanding Purpose
1217 3p Salary for the Limerick job
1218 3p Rego, 1p Perdo Jerome’s body
1218 3p Terram Salary (Jerome’s Tower job)
1222 3p Salary for creating mining tools.
1223 2p Creo Allowance 1223. First year with automatic vis allowance
1224-26 6p Allowance
1226 3p Creo; 8p Mentem less 11p Old claim (3p salary 1217, 3p salary 1222, 5p allowance for 1224-1226, 1p outstanding)
1226 10p Imaginem arrows sold at the Midsummer Fair
1227 3p Creo 4p Safe Cauldron. Salary for spell copying
1227-30 8p Allowance
1228 3p Vim Arrows/cookies sold at the Grand Tribunal
1230 1p of Imaginem gift to the fox-man
1231 9p Imaginem bind the familiar
1231-34 8p Allowances
1233 8p Mentem, 1p Terram 16p Mentem less 9p Old claim + Gift of Perception
1235 2p 5p Allowance and 3p Terram spent on enchantments
1236 6p Allowance + Salary
1237 2p Allowance
1238 16p 9p The Wyrm less 5p for the initiation and 3p to Hiccup
1238-40 24p 18p -18 16p Mentem (rituals), 2p Auram, 3p Animal (2p for faerie ingredients) and 3p Vim in allowance
1241 8p Fan 2p, ACs 6p Vim
1241-42 14p 1p -2p Withdrawn 2p Cr, 1p An (to faeries), 3p Ig, 8p Me
1242 4p 2p Vim; 1p Perdo; 1p Terram to Maine for the Longevity Ritual
1243 1p - allowance 1p Perdo; (+1p allowance for faerie ingredients)
1244 18p - Vim earned at Fair
1245 2p - Terram from Vincenzo’s body
1244-47 12p 4p - 12p Mentem; (8p allowance 4p salary) spent 4p Vim on faerie ingredients
1247 24p - 20p Mentem + 4p Creo + (traded) 14p Vim, 1p Perdo, 4p Intellego, 2p Muto, 2p Terram, 1p Rego for CrMe rituals
1249 4p 4p Mentem (+3p spent on enchantment) from Sean
SUM 113 78 -

Covenant Service in 1217, 1218, 1222, 1227, 1236, 1241, 1242