Covenant Members and Covenfolk


More details on PC Magi

Magus Player Story flaw Religion Language Backstory
Una an Flambo Dylan Mentor (Mór, her parens) Non-believer Irish, Latin Backstory
Maine Chleitigh ex Bonisagius John Visions Christian Latin, Irish Notes on Maine
Cieran the Fletcher ex Miscellanea George Mistaken Identity Christian Irish, Latin Rustic magus
Tim the Enchanter Chris rough sheet
Regina ex Guernicus Gerard
Igneous Drake ex Flambeau canon NPC Enemies Christian English, Latin, Irish Fire Mage
Delaney cultas Críothamon Alexander Supernatural Nuisance (Ghosts) Christian Irish, Latin, English, Italian, Norman French [Backstory]


Companion Player Story flaw Background Concept
Greta Gerard
Brother Raymond John Plagued by Angel Christian Doctor of Medicine and Gardener
Ercc George Son of Una and Marcus
Béibhinn Dylan Magical Spirit Companion (Twiggette) Christian Maine’s apprentice
Jimeny the Grasshopper Dylan Familiar to Cieran
Sean the Redcap Chris
Blair the (Former) Outlaw Alexander
Crimthann Dylan Black Sheep Christian Scribe and wannabe adventurer
Dermot John Enemies Christian Captain of the Turb. Semi-retired.


Grog Player Role Comment
Saoirse Dylan/John Una’s Familiar Dog
Twidget Dylan/George Beibhinn’s Spirit Companion
Broin, the Warrior Pool (John?) see Roll20
Conlae George/Gerard Ranger
Quinn Bothar Chris Hunter/Ranger
Library Staff


Grog Player Role
Clansman Rank and file clan member; well trained herdsman.
Clan Vanguard A clansman who excels at fighting
Clan Hunter A clansman with archery
Old Clansman Elderly clan member; more experienced and less fit.

Associates and NPCs

NPC Player Role Comment
Fiadh Chris Flambeau at Tribunal Played 1242
The Wise Owl of the Forest aka. Archimedes George Drunken Philosopher
Visioturpis of Guernicus George/Gerard Presiding Quaesitoris
Guilllaume George
Indrechtach George
Styrbjorn George
Darwain Gobbler Ambassador of the Coil Tri Com+Leadership 5
Elaine George Mature Quaesitoris

Passive characters

The following characters could be revived, but they have not been played or maintained for ages, and have likely taken background roles at the covenant..

Character Player Story flaw Religion Language Backstory
Terriling George «Jinni» Spirit of the Path (Terram) Summoned by Seafraid and played only once
Kevin old spreadsheet John Merchant Born 1185 - maintained until 1230
Ethel, the Witch’s Daughter Talon/Pool Stable maid see Roll20
Liam, the Rabbit Hunter Pool ? see Roll20
Bernard Gerard Bard in Italy see Roll20. Stayed in Italy
Ornice Pool Eogan’s Wife Incomplete design - Not played since Eogan’s death
Loreena George/NPC Magical Animal Companion Christian Gaelic Ranger/Hunter/Archer. Last played 1217 age 25. Retired/Passive
Aedan Pool (John?) Eogan’s Brother see Roll20
The Dog from Limerick George Ferocious Pack Leader Dog - recruited before 1220 - never played
Bran the Herdmaster (Ui Sheachnasaigh) Gerard Herder, last played 1218(?) at age 33
Richard Gerard Faerie Friend Mercenary Captain with six men (one tough guy and five standard soldiers)
Rufus Pool One of Richard’s mercenaries
Boris the Tough Guy Pool One of Richard’s mercenaries see Roll20
Flax Merrywish Dylan/Gerard Faerie Companion to sir Richard. Hardly ever played.


Character Player Story flaw Religion Language Backstory
Nemoy Gobbler Background
Lucas ex Flambeau Kage Enemies Pragmatism Irish, Latin
Vivianos Andreas Favours + Diedne Magic Irish, Latin (English)
[Johanna Piper LeFey True Love (Heretic) Christian English, Latin, Gaelic 2 See Roll 20
Seamus Dasvant Driven (Sentient Automata) Irish, Latin, Italian Christian Verditius
Merlin Dasvant Pagan Cult Pagan Storyteller
Marcus ex Miscellanea John Plagued by a Demon Uncommitted Latin, Irish
Lugardis of Guernicus canon NPC Quaesitor
Serafina ex Mercere NPC (Kage) Plagued by Faerie Lord Background Failed Apprenticeship, Redcap Quaestitor assistant
Seafraid Gerard Difficult Underlings Irish, Latin Hermetic Sahir
Éogan an Fheadha (Ui Sheachnasaigh) Dylan Novice Herder
Cyrus of Flambeau Talon
Oswald of Bonisagus canon NPC Scholar
Hiccup Gerard (initial design by George/John) Gifted Child from Chapel Hill. Apprenticed. Gauntlet 1241.
Phillipedes Passive (Callinicus) Mysterious Father Philippedes’ background
Tullius Passive (Nyriu) Indiscreet
Claudio Dylan Shield Grog to Tullius. Born 1211.
Entertainer Passive (Nyriu) Enemies
Caedmon Passive (Callinicus) Failed Apprentice
Joker Passive (Callinicus) Puffin Familiar