Cast from Lübeck to Scandinavia


Magus Player Story flaw Religion Language Backstory
Jenico of Verditius futuraprime Tormenting Master Christian Occitan, Latin, Greek, East Norse, Venetian, Ancient Norse Knows Gesche from the crusade
Artal ex Bjornaer Red Shadow Claws Fury
Andreas of Jerbiton George True Love Christian Swiss German Concept: trade and exploration
Henry Dalt Dependant Christian (Catholic) Norman, Latin Flambeau, School of Ramius
Auradanae of Merinita Jordi Plagued by Supernatural Entity No East Norse Concept: half sidhe with spontaneous magic potential
Eldvin of Merinita Ingeroid tk tk tk tk

Google sheets list of all Magi in the Rhine Tribunal
The list can be edited by players as new magi are invented for stories, or are killed off, etc.


Companion Player Story flaw Religion Language Backstory
Gesche Red Shadow Claws Dark Secret: Participated in the sacking of Constantinople
Werner futuraprime Plagued by forest faeries Christian High German (Swiss), East Norse (Swedish) Woodsman, cousin of Andreas
Herman Dalt Lost Gift Bjornar ? Low German
Magnus Jordi Favours No East Norse (Swedish) Giant blooded warrior, tired of violence


Grog Designer Religion Language Backstory
Gertrude Red Christian Swedish noblewoman
Siemer futuraprime Low German, East Norse Bouncer at the Novgorod Inn, ex-thief
Ingraham Van Silke Merchant, agent to Boris, Polyglot
Aldous Smith Van Silke Blacksmith
Armin Hermansson Van Silke Knight Errant
Luciano the Forge Companion Red Christian Jenico’s Forge Companion
Talpa George (visibleman) High German (Franconian), Low German (Saxon), West Norse (Danish), Latin Nocturnal Scribe, of Oculus Septentrionalis
Angelhart George Veteran Shield Grog, joining the saga with Basilus (TBC)
Volkert visibleman - High German, Latin Manservant to Andreas, born and raised in Durenmar
Lerke futuraprime Christian East Norse, Low German Ex-mercenary hired by Henri as a guard, now looking for more adventure
Claas George Christian Low German Teacher, Failed Apprentice in Lübeck


  • Honeystocker Andreas and Ilse’s badger friend. Now Andreas’ familiar


Magus Player Story flaw Religion Language Backstory
Serapis of Guernicus visibleman Hermetic Patron (group: Disciples of the Worm) Christian Sicilian, Latin, a bit of Low German Guernicus. Area of expertise: Mentem & Ghosts
Jaspar visibleman (absent, travelling redcap, not maintained) Enemies (Eustace the Monk) Christian, in a crisis of faith Redcap, Captain of the Halcyon, Drowned (magical being)
Mr Bones absent (visibleman) - Christian Low German (Flemish), Portugese First mate, Fierce, Combat leader
Mr Book absent (visibleman) - Christian Low German (Flemish), Gaelic, Norweigian, Latin Second mate, lay preacher, carpenter
Crew of the Halcyon absent (visibleman) - - Low German (Flemish) plus various native languages each unnamed crewman has unspecified elements for customisation as required by the SG - skill(3), native language(5), room for one more minor virtue & flaw
Basilus of Bonisagus Van Silke Enemies (rival researcher) Christian (idle) German, Latin MuVi lab rat
Antoni Van Silke Mentor (old tutor) Christian North Italian, Latin Mathematicus; Wealth
Jeppe George Diabolic Past w/False Power Christian Swedish, Latin, Low German Noble family, Doctor of Medicine, Apothecar; Wealthy (resident in Uppsala)