Annals of Elk's Run 1242

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Winter 1242

  • Cieran casts the Aegis L30 with Una and Maine in Communion.
    • Penetration 38
    • TODO Does Maine botch?

Session 9 Nov 2022

Sean Blonde Beard, knows the Quaestores Regina and was traveling with her to Elk’s run through Killaloe. They ran into the current situation in town, investigating and even earning a penny.

There is some news they were carrying on the way before learning of Chief Tormac’s “rescue”. Near the Loch Derg, lake, there is now a town growing up called Shoreham which is built somewhat too well, becoming more than the hamlet it was a few years ago - it used to be a sub-par inn (it was just 4 cottages)

Chief Tormac Ó Conchobhair, leader of the clan from Connacht apparently drove away the “demons”, making a ruse of saving the people from a threat they created. They were very generous with the church. Tormac chased away sir Roland, Tormacs right right hand banished them

Tim gathered some intel and an arcane connection pebble from just outside the tents. At the same time Una (in disguise), Nemoy and two grogs that Tormacs army has not seen before all traveled to Killaloe on a fact finding mission.

Una recognized Sean, and the party shared information, confirmed their initial findings of the ruse by asking others and made camp for the evening in a secure spot a handful of paces into the tree line - outside the Dominion aura of the town as Regina is disturbed by it.

Camped in the Forest, Sean may night walk and they will all seek a morning audience with Tormac.

Spring 1242

  • Session 4 January 2023

Regina make a tour to talk to native magi and get a better understanding of the Peripheral Code. She first visits Visioturpis.

The magi discuss how to deal with Una’s grievance and the tribunal

Summer 1242: Tribunal

Informal meetings

  • Session 11 January 2023
  • Cast Una, Tim, Nemoy, Regina, Quinn

Una tries to gather support to restrict the Coil Tri further. They talk to:

Una also makes book trades with Carolus of Criamon whom they met several times in the 1220s, and who has now founded a new covenant in Meath.

They meet with Tormac, as agreed. Una wants to bar them from using the Valley of Elk’s Run ever again. In the discussion it is suggested that continued hostilities could have concequences for the trade in Killaloe too, and nobody will admit to causing harm by travelling through the valley again. Modest compensation for the killed grog is offered though.

In the end, they make the agreement with Tormac that they waive all claims to compensation, also for the grog, in exchange for free trade access in Killaloe. Una promises to declare Wizard’s War on any of the hedge wizards in the entourage if they ever enter the valley again, but she says nothing against Tormac’s mundane crew or the rest of the Coil Tri.

More Informal Meetings

More Informal Meetings

  • Session 1 February 2023

Formal Proceedings

  • Session 8 February 2023
  • Cast Una, Tim, Nemoy, Regina

Trades with Carolus of Communova

  • Trades tractatus like for like (accepts any art)
    • Creo tractatus Q9 From nothing to everything by Vivianus of Bonisagus
    • Rego tractatus Q12 Control by Julia of Jerbiton
    • Corpus tractatus Q9 Life and eternity by Vivianus of Bonisagus
    • Mentem tractatus Q12 Mind by Julia of Jerbiton
    • Vim tractatus Q11 Fundamental Vim by Kallias of Tremere
    • Magic Lore Q8 Ancient Creatures by Tug of Criamon
  • Following spells are bought
    • Animal
      • ReAn10 Soothe the Ferocious Bear
      • ReAn20 The Gentle Herd
    • Mentem
      • PeMe15 Enchantment of Detachment
      • ReMe20 Coerce the spirits of the night
    • Terram
      • InTe25 Tracks of the faerie glow
    • Vim
      • PeVi25 Wind of mundane silence
      • MuVi15 Gather the essence of the beast
      • The indentured Vis Hunter InVi20 (Touch/Sun/Vision) the target is able to see vis, which appears with a visible aura.
    • Rego Vim
      • ReVi20 Maintaining the demanding spell
      • ReVi20 Watching Ward
    • Items
      • CrIg20 Magical Oven [Cov]
  • Give a matching 210 levels of spells in Vim, Mentem, Intellego + Particularly: conflicting motive, piercing faerie veil, demon/faerie oblivion spells, and the child innocence (PeMe) + Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh InCo10 + Posing the Silent Question InMe20 + See the Spirits of the Night InMe30 + Dissolving the Wall of Shields PeMe20 + Curse of Slumber ReMe20 + Bitter Taste of Betrayal InVi15 + Piercing the Faerie Veil InVi20 + Demon’s Eternal Oblivion PeVi5 + Demon’s Eternal Oblivion PeVi20 + The Vim Bin PeVi40 + Trust of Childlike Faith PeMe10
Art Stats Title Author Date traded Traded for
Creo Q9 From nothing to everything Vivianus of Bonisagus Autumn 1243 On the Spark Creo Q11
Rego Q12 Control Julia of Jerbiton Spring 1243 Hibernian Musings on the Hermetic Techniques Volume 5 - Rego Q14
Corpus Q9 Life and eternity Vivianus of Bonisagus Autumn 1243 Some More Thoughts on the Body Corpus Q9
Mentem Q12 Mind Julia of Jerbiton Summer 1245 Hibernian Musings on the Hermetic Forms Volume 8 - Mentem Q14
Vim Q11 Fundamental Vim Kallias of Tremere Autumn 1245 Hibernian Musings on the Hermetic Forms Volume 10 - Vim Q14
Magic Lore Q8 Ancient Creatures Tug of Criamon Autumn 1244 Primal Spirits of the sea - Magic Lore Q8

Autumn 1242: The Fire in Shoreham

The magi are called to Shoreham to investigate a fire. The Bishop suspects that Hermetic magic has been behind it, and he has taken the matter to the Order.

Fire in Shoreham

Played 1 MNarch 1223 (and other sessions?)

Meeting with the Bishop

Exploring in Killaloe

The priest is well-disposed and can say a lot. They are told that the bishop visited very quickly after the disaster. Mass was celebrated several times, and after that things have gotten a lot better for many people in town.

The magi investiage a small neighbourhood of smiths very carefully. Una interviews animals. Sean enchants the smith and his family with enchanting music to give room for Regina’s investigative magic.

Reporting to the Bishop Regina asked why the bishop had suspected magic interference.
He said that one of his canons, called Gwaine, had recommended the investigation.

Aftermath They ask the ravens of the town to watch out and to visit Elk’s Run with reports.

Rewards 11xp and three confidence points