Annals of Elk's Run 1244

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Winter 1244

Session 24 May 2023

Sean has travelled through Shoreham. Tim has visited in raven shape. Tim has also talked to Archimedes, and ravens from Shoreham may have visited. Several sources tell about a suspicious novice who arrived in Autumn and is now being trained by father Charles. It seems that the apprentice may be Gifted. None of them have had time to get further information within by the end Autumn, so the story starts in Winter.

Sean makes a visit as nightwalker. He finds the apprentice sleeping in the living room at the vicarage. He has a chest with an expensive lock, but nothing else seems significant.

Beibhinn, Regina, and Quinn go to Shoreham to investigate in person. Regina casts a magic sense spell on Beibhinn so that she can sense the Gift if the apprentice has one. She enters the church and finds the apprentice in the study at the back. He is startled and slams his book shut.

Beibhinn tries to charm him into letting her touch him to use the sense spell. She is excessively charming, and the apprentices spontaneously gives him a hug when she approaches. She senses no numbness of the Gift, and he quickly turns away embarrassed.

The party camps outside of town. Quinn goes to buy food just before the gates close. At the same time, Sean makes another nightwalker visit just to see that the apprentice carries the book back to the vicarage and puts it in the locked chest, keeping the key in a chain around his neck.

The second night, they take into the inn, to be inside the gates at night. Beibhinn and Twidget breaks into the vicarage to steal an arcane connection to the apprentice. The next day they return to Elk’s Run to have Cieran make teleportation cookies, one for Beibhinn to return outside Shoreham and two for the return to Elk’s Run. The Numbness of the Gift is recast with an AC to the apprentice for penetration.

Beibhinn makes a second visit in the apprentice’s study. This time he is less welcoming. She should not be there, and the last visit was a mistake. Beibhinn persists, though, and on direct question, the apprentice admits that he has a master, Hugo, who is a magus of the Order of Hermes. Houses and lineages make no sense to the apprentice. They pursue holy magic. Beibhinn gives him one of Cieran’s cookies and persuades him to taste, so that he teleports back to Elk’s Run. Beibhinn grabs the book and comes after.

Session 7 June 2023

Maine and Regine interview Edward. They learn that he has been taught by Hugo for five or six years and that they belong to the Bishop’s See in Killaloe. Raymond has heard of Hugo and knows that he is a canon or has some kind of similar role at the See.

Maine sends a letter to Hugo,

Hugo of the Order of Hermes

Dear Hugo We have not met in person but an issue of concern has come to my attention via my apprentice. Your apprentice, Edward was observed studying a book on parma, while admitting to only be five to six years into his training. As I am sure you are aware it is a crime to teach that ability to anyone who has not sworn the Oath. We removed your apprentice to our covenant of Elk’s Run for assessment and judgement by our resident Quaesitor, maga Regina ex Guernicus. Her decision was to have Edward swear the Oath and become a full member of the Order, a generous and lenient decision given the circumstances I am sure you will agree. We provided escort for magus Edward back to his home to ensure his safety and some small recompense for his removal to our Covenant.

Maga Regina would like you to attend Elk’s Run at your earliest convenience to explain your illegal actions. We have retained the book on parma to encourage your compliance and its return will form part of your discussions. Yours Maine Cleitigh ex Bonisagus Elks Run Winter 1244


  • Regina and Beihbinn has three confidence points for the two sessions.
  • Other active characters have one confidence point per active session.
  • Characters who were active and had a bearing on the story have 10xp

Spring 1244

Summer 1244.

Midsummer Faire in the Greater Alps.

  • Picked up the literate but useless old servant. Paid a significant sum to his old lord.
  • Traded a fair bit of Vis
  • Bought three books with brilliantly illustrated maps for £15
    • Britannia (Island of Great Britain)
    • The Hibernian tribunal
    • The Normandy tribunal
  • Bought a summa on Finesse L5Q12+D4 for 19p vis (7 animal and 12 aquam)
  • Auction
    • Dark Fey of the East tractatus on Faerie Lore Q6+D8 for 5p
    • Terram mid-level summa for 15p
    • Criamon Research Notes for 30p
    • Boon of the Root Cellar CrHe(An)25 for 7p
    • Prodigious Pot Plant CrHe(An)25 for 3p
    • Ten Tractatus Q7+D6 for 40p
      • Creo, Intellego, Muto, Perdo
      • Animal, Corpus, Herbam, Imaginem, Mentem, Terram
  • Sell books for 105p
    • Lot 1. Five tractatus. Expected price 15pvv; asking price 50pvv
      • Each technique Q14 by Maine
    • Lot 2. Six tractatus. Expected price 18pvv; asking price 60pvv
      • Animal+Aquam+Auram+Corpus+Herbam+Ignem Q14 by Maine
    • Lot 3. Summa. Expected price 28pvv; asking price 75 pvv
      • Imaginem L19Q10 The true meaning of Sound, Light and Shadow by Helena ex Jerbiton
    • Lot 4. Tools of Terram. Expected price 4pvv. Asking price 10pvv
      • ReTe15 Stone-Cutting Knife
      • ReTe15 The Enchanted Porter
      • PeTe29 Weightless Chain
    • Lot 5. Lab tools. Expected price. 7pvv. Asking privce 21pvv
      • PeCo(Aq)20 Hermetic Chamber Pot
      • ReCo40 The Tireless Servant
      • ReHe20 The Bookstand of Hespera
      • CrIg30 Safe Cauldron
    • Lot 6. Covenant Tools. Expected price 3pvv. Asking price 10pvv
      • CrCo26 The Blanket of Healing Sleep
      • ReHe(An)15 Abluere Magica
    • Lot 7. Creo Auram Effects. Expected price 3pvv. Asking price 9pvv.
      • CrAu15 Charge of the Angry Winds
      • Cr(Re)Au20 Circular Winds of Protection
      • CrAu(Ig)10 Chamber of Summer Breezes
    • Lot 8. Mental Faculties. Expected price 14pvv. Asking price 40pvv.
      • CrMe40 Gift of Presence (Pre)
      • CrMe40 Gift of Perception (Per)
      • CrMe60 Communication of the Hero
    • Lot 9. Magic Detection. Expected price 6pvv. Asking price 20pvv.
      • InVi5 Sense the Nature of Vis
      • InVi5 Spot the Presence Vis
      • InVi5 Scales of Magical Weight
      • InVi20 Piercing the Magical Veil
      • InVi25 Invisible Eye Revealed
      • InVi30 Sense of the Lingering Magic
    • Lot 10. Animal Powers. Expected price 4pvv. Asking price 12pvv
      • MuAn15 Beast of Outlandish Size
      • MuAn15 Doublet of Impenetrable Silk
      • MuAn25 The Beast Remade
    • Lot 11. A few unusual spells. Expected price 4pvv. Asking price 12pvv.
      • CrAn25 Heal Pains of the Beast
      • CrIg15 Lamp till Morning without Flame
      • CrIm10 Clarity of Public Speech
  • Story Source Quality 10xp; one confidence point

Meantime at home

Hugo answers Maine’s summons, calling himself Patricius ex Miscellanea, appearing as a pockmarked man in his fifties, wearing priestly garb. He claims restitution under the Oath for the deprivation of his apprentice and his book, as well as the warping spell on Edward. Considering the apprentice as his own asset, he refuses to accept that his learning Parma is a problem to the Order. When an apology to Edward is suggested, Maine declares Wizard’s War, but Regina returns the book to him and he leaves.

When the War commences, Maine seeks Patricius first in Shoreham and then, following advice from the vicar, in the Cathedral of Killaloe. Patricius is reluctant to meet him, but does finally appear, now without the pock marks but in the same garb. He refuses to step outside the cathedral to fight, and Maine returns home. When nothing further happens, Maine calls off the War at the following full moon.

Hugo’s Visit

Hugo will follow up the matter with apprentice Edward.

Autumn 1244.